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Full-Stack Developments and Network Solutions

Our managed IT services are tailored to your business needs to provide you with a team of dedicated professionals who monitor your IT assets and contribute to the smooth operation and success of your business. By leveraging our services, you ensure constant monitoring of your environment, proactive management and maintenance to the highest industry standards as well as strategic IT planning.

Do you need immediate support?

Get better results from your IT assets

If you need immediate support of one of my applications or server failure or low performance or you need an advice for any of your IT infrastructures, click on the button below. We will contact you immediately depends on your contact information.


At every stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) i.e. requirement gathering, strategizing, creating a model, implementation, and deployment, we maintain constant communication with the client so that nothing goes unnoticed and if any risks are identified it can be dealt immediately.

Web Design and Development

Technology Platforms will design a website a unique and simple to use Content Management Interface.
Manage your website content when you want and save on the ongoing cost to maintain your web pages!

Active Directory

Like any critical element of your infrastructure, you want to be alerted when something is wrong. An issue with Active Directory means users and critical services may be affected. Whether a logon issue or inability to access network resources like file shares or email, when AD is down it’s a high-impact and high severity incident that can impact productivity and revenue.


Today’s networks include complex devices that play key roles in the network but can be challenging to monitor and manage.
We can help and guide you to Invest for the right network infrastructure for your network like Switches, Firewall, Access Points, etc to help to improve performance and keep your business soaring.

Database Administrator

Most of today’s commercial and custom applications depend on a database, and when the database isn’t performing well, application performance can suffer. Good database solutions are designed to help you address the most common pain points when it comes to performance issues.

Office 365 solutions

If you’re migrating your on-premises Exchange or SharePoint deployment to Office 365, you need a solid plan.
We can help you by providing comprehensive Office 365 solutions built to monitor, track, alert, and report on Office 365 usage and availability.